The day of the Woman's Way Awards, was one of the busiest days I've ever experienced. Even though the event wasn't until that evening I still ended up leaving my house around 6am, due to a school related class I had to take, and didn't get back home until around 11pm. It's on days like this that I truly appreciate my parents and all of the support they give me, as well as all of the things they made sure happened in order for me to get where I needed to go.

The Woman's Way Awards haven't been given out for a while, so when Austin Woman Magazine announced they would be doing them this year the response they received was overwhelming!! This whole event was to celebrate and bring awareness to woman owned businesses. And getting to see an event bring together woman from all over the city who own their own business, was such an inspiration!! This was the 3rd big event I've captured for Austin Woman Magazine, and it was an absolute pleasure getting to support and celebrate so many woman owned business all over Austin!!

Here are some highlights from the event: