I cannot believe that Bold Photography is 1yr old!

I can remember 1 year ago my family telling me to take the leap of faith and start a photography business. I was just taking pictures for fun at the time, and was very intimidated by other photographers I saw with professional cameras and equipment. I also had no idea how to start a business let alone get clients, and edit pictures.

After my mom let me use her Olympus E-500 I thought I was just like any other professional photographer. People would see me coming with that camera, which is actually pretty small compared to the camera I have now, and ask me to take their picture.

It was with the Olympus E-500 that I took these pictures. These pictures describes Bold Photography in more ways than I can ever describe! It shows that we are professional, skillful, artful, detailed, capable, and of course Bold!

My favorite and the one that inspires me the most is this one