What to wear

- Wear clothing that is professional yet comfortable.
- Make sure you any colors you wear match your brand
- Also bring 2 contrasting outfits.
- Make sure clothing is cleaned, pressed and fits you well.

Men – Dark, solid jackets with a colored shirt and a colorful tie seem to make the best shots. Alternatively, a coat and dress shirt, no tie is also a great look.

Women – Medium to dark, solid colors are the way to go. Alternatively rich jewel-toned wardrobe (red, blue, green, purple) will also pop. Please avoid pastels or colors that wash out unless you pair it with a dark jacket, sweater, or scarf.

Clothes to avoid:

- Busy patterns. tweeds or plaids (they will appear to move in digital format)
- Sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts (your arms will distract from your face)
- Turtlenecks (you will look like a floating head)
- Deep, plunging necklines


- Jewelry is best simple, that way it doesn't distract from your face.

Hair and makeup


- It is important to start with a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face.
- A good primer will provide a smooth canvas often minimizing fine lines, large pores and uneven or red skin tone.
- Wear a foundation that provides good coverage, even if you don’t normally wear it.
- Finish with a matte powder.
- Eye liner and mascara are musts.
- Eye shadow should be used to enhance the eye shape. Neutral tones with perhaps a bit of color is ok. Avoid shimmery or glittery - - eye shadow.
- Blush should be kept to just a hint.
- Wear a lipstick that is close to your natural lip tone and bring one that pops that will work with your wardrobe.
- Please arrive camera ready.


- In addition to styling the day of, make sure you are happy with your haircut.
- Make sure your roots are touched up.
- Tame frizzies with hair oil or spray.
- If you are just having a bad hair day and it is beyond repair, call to reschedule! If you hate your hair, you will hate your photo.


- Your hands may or may not show in the photo but be prepared with clean nails. Polished or unpolished is fine, just not dirty or chipped.

Sources: Korey Howell Photography, Digital Photography School.