Tips on how to never look bad in a photo again

Tips on how to never look bad in a photo again

Last Tuesday my sister and I had a booth at SXSWedu expo for youth entrepreneurs!

The coordinator contacted us one week before and said they had 2 open booths if we wanted to come exhibit, and of course we said yes! So really fast my sister designed our banners, and we rushed all over town getting ready for this event. But in the end it was totally worth it. We both had a great time and got to meet a lot of great people like you!!

So, on my banner I had the question; "Ask me how to never look bad in a photo again!" And if you didn't get the answer here it is.

For starters you want to wear vibrant colors. This will help you to stand out and look confident .

Raise your chin This will help you have definition on your chin.

Have good posture. This will make you look thinner.

And make sure you a good have light source shining on your face.

Its crazy how these little things could help you look so much better!!
I hope these little tips help you look your absolute best!

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