I've known Ms. Latasha for a couple of years and have worked with her on multiple occasions. One of the things I love most about capturing her events is that they're always super fun! At any event hosted by Ms. Latasha you will always find people laughing until they cry, and this brunch is no exception!

The Women of Color Brunch was an event exclusively for women of color attending IF:Gathering this year. This special event's purpose was to ensure a safe and welcoming place was made for women who otherwise didn't feel accepted. When I first heard that Ms. Latasha was partnering with IF:Gathering to create an event I was super excited. While initially thinking that I would attend with my sisters and mom, when I heard that there wasn't an official photographer to capture the brunch I quickly decided to volunteer my services. Being able to capture this event along with the main conference was an absolute pleasure and something I will cherish for years to come!!

The multiple women who put this event on did an absolutely beautiful job!! Not only was the venue decorated beautifully, but the food provided was delicious! The heart and effort that went into creating this event were well received. The venue was flooded with women eager to hear what the four speakers were going to share. Everyone involved in creating, and executing this event touched the lives of many different women and in many cases brought them to tears.

I'm so happy to have been able to capture this event, and look forward to capturing this special moment again next year!